Jari Aarniala. Photo credit: Christian Jakowleff

Hi, I'm Jari!

I enjoy building scalable and reliable digital services.

I’m currently building emma.rent 👨🏻‍🍳 You can always reach me via LinkedIn or email.

I like to build great teams that make great products. I think technology choices should drive business goals.

I’m interested in observability and modern programming languages such as TypeScript, Rust, and Elixir. I think web standards are becoming more important than ever, as witnessed by the adoption of standard Web APIs on the client and the server, for example.

While I’m comfortable working in a variety of tech stacks, most recently, I’ve built products using Figma, React, Next.js, node.js, React Native, Postgres, Redis, Kafka, Vercel, AWS, Cloudflare, and Terraform.

To help build teams, I’ve done technical recruiting for my employers and clients alike. I think a team should adopt practices that help them ship often with the least amount of process possible.

Work history:

  • Emma, Co-Founder, CTO, 2023-
  • Align, Co-Founder, Lead developer, 2021-2023
  • Panacea, CTO, 2018-
  • Reaktor, Software Architect, 2006-2018 (telecom, health, retail, gaming)

Outside of work, I make music. Here’s my YouTube channel, melodic death metal band, and some random jams! 🦄